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The Outdoor Pre Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) qualification is the New Zealand standard advanced Wilderness First Aid programme for adventure industry professionals. Unlike first aid training, the PHEC course addresses the challenges of responding to medical emergencies in a remote wilderness environment.

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Outdoor Emergency Care Newsletters:

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Spring 2017 - Taking the Bait - first aid for pest control poisons.

Summer 2017 - Stings and Things, Improvised Pelvic Wrap.

Winter 2016 - What do we do once we've dug them out? IKAR Avalanche algorithm made simple.

Summer 2016 - Deploy the CAT. Torniquets update.

Summer 2015 - Shallow water blackouts

Winter 2015 - Suspension Trauma and Anaphylaxis video

Winter 2015 - Managing spinal injuries - an updated approach.

Spring 2014 - Seeing Stars -#*! - Concussions

Winter 2014 - HELP I'm drowning

Summer 2014 - Sh*t happens. WAD Wilderness Acquired Diarrhoea

Autumn 2013 - Open fractures & A night in a crevasse with an injured climber

Spring 2012 - Head injuries AEIOU Tips

Winter 2012 - Advanced pain relief and Anaphylaxis protocols.

Autumn 2012 - Anaphylaxis

Spring 2011- Adominal conditions

Winter 2011- Hypothermia

Autumn 2011 - Medicines in our First Aid Kits

PHEC Scenarios:

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PHEC Scenario - Spring 2014 - Traumatic Brain Injury - Rebeccas Story

PHEC Scenario Spring 2011

PHEC Scenario Winter 2011

PHEC Senario Autumn 2011

PHEC Resources:

Trauma Flow Chart -

Patient Assessment Form - for field use

Medical Conditions Summary


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