Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) are now available for the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

Bought to you by Horizons Unlimited with support from the Ministry of Education, these programmes are a first for New Zealand.

Two programmes at Levels 4 and 6 have been designed to work within and complement your schools delivery of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, while also aiding the delivery of the new New Zealand Curriculum’s Key Competencies.

Programmes will be facilitated by Horizons Unlimited staff and are subsidised through the Ministry of Educations LEOTC funding scheme, reducing the cost of each programme to your school.

Spaces on these programmes are limited, so be in quick to ensure your school doesn’t miss out.

The cost per student for each of these programmes is between $5.00 - $10.00 inc gst plus any transport required to and from the activity venue. 


LEOTC - Relationship to Key Competencies

Managing Self

Students will identify their own strengths, values and beliefs and how this corresponds with those around them “knowing who they are and where they fit in’.  Students will develop an understanding of ways to interact appropriately and productively with others.

Relating to Others

Through a range of co-operative and competitive activities students will be encouraged to develop ways to communicate effectively, and work together towards team success.

Participating and Contributing

Students will participate in a range of activities which require team members to actively participate and work together, utilising the diversity amongst their team to succeed.


Students will participate in a range of problem solving activities requiring them to share ideas, think outside the square and utilise the ideas of others.  

Year 6/7 Team Building

Students will work their way through a range of low ropes course, and co-operative activities in small teams of approx. 10; this is an opportunity to establish team roles and relationships.

During this time students will participate in 1 – 2 activities where competition is set up amongst team members. These activities will be reviewed to explore the affect this competition had on the team and its members.

From the day’s activities students will build a an easy to understand model on how team work, which students and teachers can refer to in the future

This programme is largely low ropes course based but at selected ropes courses includes the flying kiwi high ropes activity, where students are required to help and support each other for any individual to succeed.

Targeted Curriculum Strands(Health and Physical Education – Level 3)

  • Challenges and Social and Cultural Factors
  • Relationships

Price Per Student $10.00 inc GST

Year 8/9 Team Building

During this one day programme students will learn skills and develop new ways of thinking to help them to challenge and extend themselves.

Students will also have the opportunity to support other members of their team to succeed through a range of challenges which will be presented during the day.

Throughout the day students will review the aspects of the team and of themselves which have enabled them to achieve and how these might be used in the future.

This programme incorporates both high and low ropes course activities.

Targeted Curriculum Strands(Health and Physical Education – Level 4)

  • Positive Attitudes
  • Relationships

Price Per Student $10.00 inc GST

Year 10/11 Interpersonal Skills Programme

During the morning students will participate in a range of physically challenging team activities based in the low ropes course. These activities will provide students with the opportunity to explore the types of behaviours and attitudes which enable their team to succeed.

Students will then have the opportunity to put these skills into practice through a range of high ropes course team activities.

Teams will set goals about their desired level of achievement during the high ropes component of the day. Achieving these goals may require added effort or compromise for some team members.

Each student will work in a small team of 10 – 12 participants and will be supported through out their day by a trained Horizons Unlimited facilitator.

Targeted Curriculum Strands (Health and Physical Education – Level 6)

  • Positive Attitudes
  • Interpersonal Skills

Price Per Student $10.00 inc GST

LEOTC 2021.pdf 

What Others Have Said:

“Students enjoyed the day immensely; activities were fun but also challenged students physically and mentally” 

“When discussing the day back at school, students were able to relate the experiences into our unit, they all enjoyed the day”