Working with you to create useful solutions in the area of safety management and safety training.
  • Safety Management Systems are required by Adventure tourism and Outdoor education providers.They are required for both DOC concessions and under the HSAW (Adventure Activity) Regulations.
  • We can help you create a safety management system that will support your operation and assist the day to day running of your business.
  • In the adventure and outdoor industries, travel agents, tourists and schools are looking for an exciting but safe experience.
  • Marketing your organisation's safety management system is an effective way of capturing the confidence of your potential clients.

Horizons Outdoor Safety Management Services:

  • Are developed specifically for the adventure tourism and outdoor education industries.
  • Contribute to a workable & pro-active safety environment - including clear safety policies, processes and operating procedures.
  • Address the relevant legislative requirements (in New Zealand - the HSAW Act)
  • For NZ companies who need to register under the HSAW (Adventure Activity) Regulations, and/or and the requirement of external agencies including DOC, local bodies, Qualmark and the MSA.

Click here to download the HSAW (Adventure Activities) Regulations

What do these regulations mean for Adventure tourism and outdoor education operators? Read More...

We Can:

1. Audit your Safety Management Plan
Through our relationship with ROSA (the Register of Outdoor safety Audits) Horizons Unlimited can audit safety management plans for DOC concessionaires, and other operators seeking external assurance regarding their safety management systems.

These audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your safety management plan - the systems, documents and tools that you have in place to manage the safety of employees and clients. During this 'systems audit' we will measure your safety management plan against the requirements of the HSAW Act, the Safety Audit Standard for Adventure Activities, other associated legislation, and best practice. For international clients, we can audit against the ISO Adventure Tourism standards.

If your safety management plan does not initially meet the minimum requirements, you will be given clear feedback, some ideas on how to make the improvements and an opportunity to re-submit.

2. Pre Audit tune-up
Horizons Unlimited can perform a pre audit check of your Safety Management system.

We will provide you with a comprehensive ' Pre Audit tune up report' that gives clear feedback including areas of non-conformance (the mandatory improvements required) and any recommendations for improving your safety systems to a 'Best Practice' level.

3. Develop your Safety Management Plan for you
We will work with you to develop a safety management plan that is based on current industry Good Practice - it will be comprehensive, workable and will meet all legal requirements.

You will receive a full working Safety Management Plan (in hard copy and electronic form) complete with all the necessary documentation, including forms, checklists and other tools. This plan will meet the requirements of the HSAW Act, and where relevant the Adventure Activities Regulations'. It will help you to establish/further develop your operational safety systems. This plan can then be submitted for independent audit.

For larger/more complex businesses, we can develop an entire Safety Management System - this will help you manage safety across a range of activities, sites and even countries. The system will provide you with everything from full safety management policies, operating procedures and tools to support safe practice. We can also provide intra-web based systems, staff training safety leadership, support and on-going advisory services.

4. Safety Management Consulting and Advice

  • Assist you in developing your own safety management system - through guidelines, templates and tools.
  • Provide onsite safety support, and/or training and coaching for your safety leaders.
  • Help you develop an effective Safety Culture - to support effective safety performance

Why you should use Horizons Unlimited Ltd Outdoor Safety Management services:

  • We have been advising and auditing adventure operators for over 20 years
  • We have been instrumental in the development of outdoor safety auditing in New Zealand - founding members of ROSA (the Register of Outdoor Safety Auditors), advisor to WorkSafe NZ, and to DoC regarding safety auditing
  • We provide advisory and consulting services to some of NZ's leading adventure education/tourism operators
  • Our team includes one of NZ's leading outdoor/adventure safety experts.

* Costs for the above services vary according to the size of the organisation, activities and complexity. Accurate costs will be supplied in a detailed proposal.

Our Clients Say:

" Thank you for your take-me-by-the-hand approach to the Safety Management Plan."

"Your overall approach has led to us developing a range of documents outlining the policies of our business and has assisted us in defining our operating systems overall. This was a bonus that we never anticipated."

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