High impact experiences in high impact places.

We aim to make a difference by helping people to develop themselves. Our World Class training and development services/programmes will provide High Impact learning opportunities that focus on influencing people to discover their potential.

At Horizons Unlimited we have many years of experience designing and delivering training and development programmes. We believe that the following principles are critical:

Active Involvement in Learning
For significant learning to occur people must be actively involved in the learning process. We incorporate experiential learning methods in most of what we do.

Appropriate Sequencing and Progression
Making the order of activities appropriate to the needs of the group is a key consideration during program planning. Incorporating a degree of flexibility in the program also ensures that changes can be made to best meet the needs of participants at any time.

Challenge and Support
We believe that learning and growth occurs best in environments of high challenge and high support. We prefer to actively encourage people to challenge and extend themselves, but will ensure that they are well supported.

Relevance and Transfer
Learning needs to be both relevant and transferable to real life situations. We work hard to ensure that participants can transfer their learning to be useful back in the organisational context. We follow our work up to ensure that lessons are not forgotten or lost.

Horizons Unlimited is a relatively small business - we are innovative, entrepreneurial and focused. We will deliver exceptional programmes and follow-up services and we will make sure that we meet and/or exceed your expectations.